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"Fox's Sultry 'Actress'"

"Tal Fox Sizzles in her big solo"

"Expressive Fox bring so much to Trina with a wide range of emotional insecurity"

"A Stunningly Dressed Siren"

"Tal Fox does a luminous job–initially functioning as more of a statuesque fantasy-figure, but immediately following, she proves that her capabilities extend way beyond just a fine-figure and gorgeous (if mute) expression. Her rapid-fire number in the ensuing interlude—set in the 1980’s, titled “Mistress Of The Senator” is nothing short of awesome"

"Distinctive Tal Fox"

"Which performances stuck in my head? The first is Tal Fox. Not only when she was onstage in her role as The Actress, but in other smaller background parts, she had a look that was unique and caught your eye — which was drawn to her wonderful facial expressions. In whatever character she was, her face was reacting in a fantastic way that was a delight to watch."

Fox is loving, understanding and stoic, expertly showing a range of emotions throughout her character’s arc. Her manic rendition of “I’m Breaking Down” is a highlight. She and Molinaro beautifully enact the sad realization of a marriage gone wrong in “Breakfast Over Sugar”.

TAL FOX has worked professionally for over 12 years in the entertainment industry. She holds a BFA in Musical Theatre and a BA in Communications from Pace University in New York City, is a current lecturer at UCLA, holds a California CTE Teaching Credential, and has lectured and taught across the US at schools, acting programs, and theaters. In her five years as a Talent Agent at Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates she ran the Equity/Theater department and developed the Youth TV/ Film Department, advancing many careers and putting a multitude of actors on Broadway, in Television and Film, in National Tours, and Regional Theater productions. Additionally, with her experience Performing, working in Casting (credits include Center Theatre Group, 5- Star Theatricals, Theatre @ Boston Court, The Echo Theater, Greenway Court Theatre, The Rockwell Table & Stage, Bleecker St. Theatre in NYC), and in Producing, she brings a high quality of understanding of both acting technique and business savvy to her students. In addition to casting and producing, she continues to act and teaches throughout Los Angeles, the Conejo Valley, and Orange County. 

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